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Mood enhancer artwork, which gives you the opportunity to study each colour of the planet accordingly to your daily mood.

Title: '4 colours, One planet'

Technique: Direct print on 16 mm wooden platter

Surface: Glossy surface,

Dimension: 40x40 cm, side-wall and backside is black with hanging options on every side,  

Weight: 1850 g net  (ca. 2600 g final weight for shipping)


The psychology of colours:

Green: Environmental, natural, organic, earthy, grow, trust, jealous

Brown: Rustic, fall, earthy, warm, romantic, colonial, library

Blue: Liberal, cold, smart, trust, freedom, royal, medicine, music, Progress

Red: Hot, passion, Love, rebellious, powerful, sex, radical, excited, bold, devil


Gallery print - Wooden wall display

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