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Bronze/Aluminium sculptures
by Sculptor Gerhard Petzl

Years of worldwide travel and experiences with other cultures, people and artistic expressions have left their mark on Gerhard’s style. He often combines different objects, humans, animals, textures and imaginary harmony lines to create his view of new compositions or abstract artworks. He follows, after his own definition, the 'harmony lines' to achieve even in chaotic compositions harmonious results and he also discovered after three decades that his proportions mostly are following the Fibonacci sequences as well, in order to achieve the Golden ratio.

The style of his artworks is often expressed in a humorous way, mostly abstract with naturalistic or familiar elements. His artworks can also be seen as Universal minded artworks, regardless of cultural differences, similar to music. Before he starts an artwork in bronze he often thinks about to either leave a message of our century (like the bark series and the environmental issues of our time) or if the message of the artwork will be understood in 2000 years from now on as well. 

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