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Discover and enjoy a new visual world!

golden colour field

Engage with Gerhard's mirrored compositions to partake in the process of crafting novel art pieces and sculptures, while also delving into a captivating realm of illusory dimensions and realities. In his artistic pursuit, Gerhard delves into the intricacies of human psychology and the origins underpinning our inherent drive to discern and ascribe meaning to objects, figures, and forms within mirrored images. A cloud metamorphoses into an animal, a tree assumes the visage of a human countenance, and mirrored lines forge entirely fresh spatial constructs.

This endeavor raises a compelling query: Is this inclination a manifestation of an evolutionary instinct, ingrained in our psyche to detect potential threats, or could it be that, through mirrored representations, we glimpse facets of one among the myriad parallel universes and realities that may coexist with our own?

Gaze upon your own reflection in a mirror, and you shall discern that even our corporeal vessel stands as a mirrored entity, albeit marked by minor imperfections.

golden colour field
Space sequences:
Picture sequences transcend representation, weaving visual narratives that traverse time and emotion. From ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics to Surrealist experimentation, the use of sequences in art evolves, pushing storytelling boundaries. Each image becomes a chapter in the rich tapestry of visual communication, in this case in a modern, digital way.
Space creations:
The convergence of mirrored images and the industrial manufactory environment signifies a pivotal chapter in art history. It reflects not only the technical brilliance of the time but also Gerhard´s foresight into a future where the mechanical and the artistic vision would dance in tandem. Mirrors, once silent witnesses, became the canvases of progress, echoing the rhythm of the industrial heartbeat to create something new and hopefully something better as well.