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Photobook "Chocolate Crystals-the soul of chocolate" by Gerhard Petzl

Languages:  English, German

Content: The world's first book about chocolate bloom and the visual beauty of cocoa butter crystals. With 'behind the scenes' pictures of a professional Chocolatier, artist and designer Gerhard Petzl. Enjoy the beauty of nature!

Released: 2018

Pages: 44 (Hardcover Photobook)

Photobook "The chocolate table" by Gerhard Petzl

Language:  English

Content: Behind the scenes of an amazing art project of a royal feast baroque table,  where a 5 m long chocolate table, with all items on it, made out of chocolate! Around 2500 single pieces are assembled then to a true masterpiece.

Released: 2018 

Pages: 48 (Hardcover Photobook)

Photobook "Science meets chocolate art" by Gerhard Petzl

Languages:  English, German

Content: A sculptural journey on different scientific areas, paired with chocolate art and chocolate sculptures. A bridge between food art and science. A source of inspiration to discover something new.

Released: 2020

Pages: 56 (Hardcover Photobook)

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       16 x on TV (9 x Germany, 2 x Austria, UK, Poland, 2 x Australia, China)


        250+ publications in magazines and Newspapers 

AWARD BADGE for Gerhard Petzl, 2023
Global Art virtuoso award
stripe- of different TV-channels logos, 2020
VAA Visual Artist Association logo
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