Chocolate bananas (1 week ageing process)

Conceptual art

Royal Feast baroque table in chocolate

Chocolate  Projects

Planet series

Chocolate  crystals

Chocolate Body art



Beat the bubbles!

Beat the bubbles! Chocolate art Video by Gerhard Petzl


Chocolate sculptures


Advertising column

Art in Public space

One chocolate bar sculpture

Conceptual art

Two chocolate bars sculpture

Conceptual art

Potato study

Conceptual art

between 24 and 36 artists involved

Conceptual art

sugar sculptures


Fruit art


Lovely Mould - Hommage to Dieter Roth

Experimental art

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Planet series 12 - heartbeat

From "Planet series" - Chocolate crystals art by Gerhard Petzl Aus der "Planetenserie" - Schokoladen Kristallkunst von Gerhard Petzl