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dark golden colour field


golden colour field

Material: Bronze, Chrome

golden colour field

Spiders are often mentioned in relation to personal fearssubconscious and dreams or even nightmares. 

Louise Bourgeois' spider sculptures are referring to her mother, with metaphors of spinning, weaving, nurture and protection. It is a very similar approach of these giant ants and the sense of having a closed group which explore the world together.

A family of three giant ants, mum and their two kids are exploring the (art)world. Last time people saw them at Lake Geneva in Switzerland, they checked out the water temperature and had a walk along the old castle. Being made out of bronze and chrome this species will last and survive for some thousands years...;)

The "Giant ants" installation, also in bronze, is a testament to Petzl's ability to infuse dynamic energy into static forms. It’s a concept that conjures up associations with Louise Bourgeois's "Maman," both artists exploring the psychological underpinnings of the natural world transformed through their vision. Petzl’s ants, with their gilded exoskeletons and sprawling limbs, bring a surreal magnification to the ordinarily minute, creating a visual impact that speaks to both the fragility and the monumentality of life. - Citation Marta Puig, Contemporary Art Curator Magazine (2023)

golden colour field
Three giant ants bronze sculptures

Giant ant small: H 21 x W 37 x D 26 cm

Giant ant big: H 47 x W 47 x D 50 cm 

Giant ant medium: H 22 x W 35 x D 34 cm 

golden colour field

Dimensions of all three combined:   H 47 x W 119 x D 50 cm




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golden colour field
golden colour field
golden colour field
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